Session #28

When I look at the date of the last post here, I just about die. Seriously? Does this mean nothing worthy of a post has happened or…? Not at all. Just now getting thoughts together for a post! And lately it has been regarding my own spirituality as well as what role my body plays … More Session #28

Session #27

  As the anniversary of my father’s death approaches next month and my mother deals with her own health issues, I find it even more necessary to live in the moment and not predict or live in the future, nor even the past. Not that it brings heartache nor depression, not even sad melancholy. Just … More Session #27

Session #26-Well?

Since the last session, I have entered uncharted waters. The first half century of my life was a mixture of joy, tension, desire, loneliness, fear and happiness. Sounds like a normal human life, right? Agreed. For the most part, it was a rather uneventful existence as far as lives go. Rather boring to most, certainly … More Session #26-Well?

Session #25: Walls

When I stand back, sit back or lay down and contemplate my life, where I am at in my time on this planet, really…I’m damn lucky. Fortunate. Blessed. Add any word here that might be more descriptive. No, it has not been all the most glorious nor perfect existence, but in comparison to other folks…it … More Session #25: Walls

Session #24

It has been more than two months since my last visit! Busy, busy, busy! And just when I thought to myself that I might not need this blog any longer, something pops up to make me step back and rethink that. What was it this time, you ask? How about the final month of this … More Session #24

Session #23

Summer has been moving along at breakneck pace! Life has been very good and my therapy sessions here almost forgotten! There have been a few rain clouds now and then passing over head internally but to be truthful….nothing that caused any major anguish  or ill feelings. Do I really need to search my soul and … More Session #23

Session #21

We are taught so many things as we grow up, some of which stay with us because they are logical and positive, working well within our mainframe of life. Some philosophies, beliefs and teachings simply change as we age and think in a different way, asking questions and learning,studying all the angles possible. This has … More Session #21

Session #20

After a busy last six weeks, I’m finally able to sit down and have a session here. This marks the twentieth and seems apropos to my journey. There are times when my memory kicks in and the past comes flooding back, making me both happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I left … More Session #20

Session #19

The last month was a whirlwind for me as I really celebrated Christmas more than ever. Sure, no big deal to most people and not an event that stirs much emotion in some but it was a joy to me that had not really been contemplated nor enjoyed to this extent. Most of that joy … More Session #19