About me

Therapyviathisblog is a place where I can come to let it all out, to be myself and explain how I feel about my past as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses from 1973 until 2008, when I finally left that organization and it’s influence on my life. My aim is to come to terms with the lifetime of experiences and negative aspects of that ultra religious group and it’s teachings, how they affected me and my life and what impact it might have on my future. Interweaved in all of this will be other parts of my life that apply and might be applicable. Like a therapist, this allows me to confront the demons of the past. My hopes are that others reading might gain insight, perhaps even learn from these experiences. Most of all, this place also allows me to be ME, the bisexual/pansexual polyamorus man that I am, free from guilt and shame.

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