Session #36

When I read or hear someone say “I’m just trying to preach and help people to be saved, to learn about God and to have a good future”, I cringe. For anyone who has read my blog posts here over the last few years, my long history with organized religion and proselytizing is well documented as is my  distaste of it all. There are so many reasons as to why I dislike them both and the pressure on humans to do so. Recently I was sent a wonderful response to the above comment . I have posted these down below :


Brilliant indeed! And how it so hits the mark for me and many others as well. For over thirty years I had to face the negative backlash from those out in the world and from door to door, only to face “not doing enough” or “putting in enough hours” from the powers that be ruling over us as the flock. When leaving in 2008, one of the first things I can truly say was monumental for me was the cessation of that preaching activity and how low I felt when doing it. That every time I went out I was depressed and when finished, quite relieved that I didn’t convert someone to a way of life I myself despised.

Now here I am, eleven years past that crucial crossroad of life, and so much happier than ever before! When I’m out and living life, and see those I knew or others, out preaching and doing what I did, I feel so bad for them, knowing exactly how it feels and the pressure to “perform” and place reading material in the hands of people ,who will usually throw them away.

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