Session #30


Summer is over and as autumn begins this most delicious time of year, the images of freedom bounce through my melon. This summer I walked past various places, people and memories that evoked the past. That same past that restrained me from being the true Seumas ( or James back then), always lying to myself that I was indeed happy and content, knowing full well that I was not. Clamoring for the ability to think for myself without guilt and act on it, without said guilt as well. The spectre of consequences seemed to always be lurking around the corner, waiting to pounce on me and turn life into a living hell for me and the family. Yet, that was farthest from the truth. My worst enemy was not evil, Satan nor God, by myself. Allowing my mind, soul and heart to be swayed by philosophies that were there since age seven and continued that grip…that was the problem. Why didn’t I ascertain this earlier, research my mind and heart?

So many reasons for that, most that others reading this can understand. And as I’m not one to hold a grudge and let bygones..etc, it is not going to keep me from progressing today, nor in the future. What is needed is a continual progressing in thought, heart and mind. Happiness is something we all want!!
And I am happier now more than at any time in my life. Isn’t that what matters?
Isn’t that what we want for our family, partners, lovers and peers? For everyone? Then why is it so difficult for religious critics to allow others that right without criticism? Every day it is another “Christian” official or past acquaintance yet again condemning something another fellow human does that THEY do not like. As if they do not read nor pay attention the the wisdom of the scriptures they hold dear, unless it meets their personal agenda. I’m past this. Moved past the point where I care what others think about me and what I do. That is why transparency is important to me now more than ever before. I’m not hiding anything, not ashamed nor will let what I do, how I live my life…be a cause or weapon used against me. Say what they will, try to destroy me. It simply will not work.                          Be the best we can be and be HAPPY! ❤


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