Session #28

When I look at the date of the last post here, I just about die. Seriously? Does this mean nothing worthy of a post has happened or…? Not at all. Just now getting thoughts together for a post! And lately it has been regarding my own spirituality as well as what role my body plays in living. During those decades as a Jehovah’s Witness, the main focus they pushed on us always related to serving God and nothing else. Not focusing on ourselves, the body or mind, the heart. but only the deity and how to get the message across to others. Or, one would lose out on eternal life and this one here, now, as well. Well that life and all the mess about it was left behind back in 2008 and the experiences, knowledge and positive spirituality I have been part of since has been amazing! Transforming!

But what does that truly mean? To this human, it allows me to be at home within this body. That my home, no matter where it is, is within the walls of this skin and framework. It has been said that “home is where the heart is”. But truly, I believe it is where I am. Whether at my own apartment, that of my amours or walking on the street, on a trail or on a bus…I am home. It is wherever I am. And while it is also true that wherever I lay my head, that is home for the time being, I do travel with my home just as much as a snail does with his shell. And taking care of my “home” as much as one does their dwelling outside of the body is just as important. No smoking or drugs, no over-eating or over-drinking. Sure, my home needs a few “repairs” due to arthritis and a bad back, but otherwise, it is in good condition. Adding the spirituality that I have embraced through a non deity based philosophy in Buddhism ( a blend of all the various schools of thought) and mindfulness has illuminated my path like no other. It has enchanted, endeared and awakened me to the true and real me that was simply the shell before while part of the former belief system. I am not really part of the Buddhist religion itself but it’s philosophy, just to make that clear.

As the summer starts here in 2017 and I continue to study and learn more and more about the inner me, my heart and mind linked to be one in all they do, I can now more than ever say I will never go back to a system of organized religion, whether Christianity or any other deist or monotheistic belief. It has caused way too much hatred, strife, war, bloodshed and division during humankind’s history on this globe and I want no part of it. But ….having a conscience, kindness, peace, compassion and most of all , love….THIS is what will separate those who have truly become enlightened, no matter whether they have a religious belief or not. I speak only for myself and my own home, my body and mind. And these only continue to prosper in love as I learn more. Getting older is not that bad!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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