Session #24

It has been more than two months since my last visit! Busy, busy, busy! And just when I thought to myself that I might not need this blog any longer, something pops up to make me step back and rethink that.

What was it this time, you ask? How about the final month of this damned election season.  Ever since having the option of voting back in 2008, when I left my religious stranglehold, I have exercised this right as an American citizen. And yes, I’ve participated in each I feel I want to. But holy hell *gleefully says this*…this year’s election season has been by far THE worst I have ever seen in my half century of living. I might not have been able to vote in past elections but have followed politics from a very early age, with a keen interest in history and sociology. This year has been a barn-stormer in some ways yet so very disappointing. It hits the core of many Americans, even non-Americans around the globe.

Used to be I would see a horribly vicious campaign for office held in the UK, France or other liberal countries. But this was off the radar. A man who admits to his horrible comments and thoughts about women through the years, who is an ego maniac, a racist and chauvinistic jackass of a human  and one who only is out for self…vs a woman who hides her own skeletons and has a political agenda as well. Neither are fit for the highest office and this makes the election an easy one for me. Is it due to my former religious training and upbringing that I feel this way? No way. These are feelings and attitudes we should all share, whether an athiest or spiritual person. Nobody should treat women and others like he does, nor should she be hiding anything.

As these last few weeks count down and the rhetoric, accusations and fluff gets worse, I feel sad in watching our system wear down it’s subjects . Admittedly, I find it hard to believe that so many millions are throwing away their consciences and good, kind and human morals just to keep “the other” from getting in office. Really?   It will be interesting to see how many either ruin their reputations backing the loser (no matter how bad the person is) or recanting. Crowd/mob mentality? Possibly a wee bit when confronted by peers. But for the most part, there are NO excuses. This horrible, political child has been gestating for over a year and the resulting birth could be one of the tragedy’s in American history. And there will be nobody to blame for it’s creation but the American public and it’s refusal to do what is right and just.

Hopefully not.

As for me: I will write in my choice and I can guarantee it is NOT one of those in the entire cast of participants this last year.





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