Session #21

We are taught so many things as we grow up, some of which stay with us because they are logical and positive, working well within our mainframe of life. Some philosophies, beliefs and teachings simply change as we age and think in a different way, asking questions and learning,studying all the angles possible. This has been the way it is for all humankind. For myself, as mentioned here a billion times, my religious and spiritual upbringing was a positive and also negative course for me. Although as of late, one aspect of what I was taught never really rang true. And it wasn’t due to my inability to trust but in that the questions I had never fully received an adequate answer.

What happens to us when we die?


As a JW, we were taught that the body dies, the soul dies and we simply cash in and cease to exist. If we were a good witness and did everything we were told, we MIGHT see another life in the future in a paradise. This was not to be questioned really and I had always wondered why this was taught when so many other beliefs have after life or continued life theories and philosophies. Most especially the Buddhists, Hindus and others where the soul moves on to another body. This was such a fictitious thought to us growing up and one of fantasy, dreamlike states and possibly one only people on drugs had. After studying more as i got older I liked the thought of this transmigration of souls and that we just use these bodies on earth for a bit, like one uses an automobile, before moving on to a different place,time and who knows what. Ok. So what if someone believes in this thought? Who really cares if I or any other person wants to look at death a different way and to maybe have a different outlook on it? There are some definite cons to the Christian outlook of death as a finality and it sure makes life on this planet now a tough one for we grasp every breath of life we can, knowing it is final, finished and totally over when we go. Buddhists and others have such a positive and enlightened outlook on death and what happens that it is no wonder they are so happy with life and it’s eventual end.

I had someone ask me ” Are you seriously telling me you think there might be an afterlife? What about the way you were taught? Why don’t you believe them?” Well my answer did make him think. I mentioned those early years when we were introduced to Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and all of the figures that show up at various times of the year during holidays (when we celebrated them). Were they real? No, he answered. Of course not. We grew up and eventually learned about the “truth”. Yeah, so what about the REAL part of life? Are we not supposed to question everything? Why can’t we? Why should we be shunned, looked down upon or criticized for believing a certain way when we want to? All in all, we should be able to do and think what we want without heat from others. And now, at middle age, I’m doing exactly what I want. 🙂



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