Session #18

Christmas. It has arrived and in full force this year, earlier than ever. Since leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses back in 2008, I’ve only really experienced this holiday a few times in it’s flavour and colours. The last few years were celebrated with minimal flair and not really much enthusiasm. I could not get into it and aside from buying gifts for a few, the “spirit” was simply not there. And this year the same feeling is still there somewhat, that is beginning to fade gradually thanks to my family and loved ones. This holiday was and still is for all I know, THE big one to avoid and stay away from when a JW. As if a person would be cursed or stricken with an affliction upon singing a song, thinking of the season or contemplating giving a gift. Heaven forbid more than that. And while I realized early on and still do that this holiday is not really a Christian based one nor a day celebrated by the early Church fathers or followers, as I’m not really a Christian (more Buddhist than anything) these days, does it matter?


No, not really. It just will take some time before I get used to doing something that was strongly forbidden for some thirty eight years of my life. Knowing this makes it somewhat easier as life is the best it has ever been and I feel more freedom that in all my previous years.This makes me smile and look forward to my future of doing what I want as opposed to the will of some folks back east in ivory towers, driving expensive cars.

So, that being said, I will try to enjoy and dive in to this season a bit more as next week approaches, making family,friends and love the basis of the holiday as opposed to the commercial and materialistic force that seems to drive so much of them. At least I now have the choice without condemnation to a hell or early grave from other imperfect humans.

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