Session #12

How people around me view religion has been on my mind a lot over the last few weeks. Religion, the afterlife and what really means the most to others in my circles. Seems most of my friends are atheist/agnostic or mildly religious. Many are very spiritual and maintain a lifestyle that supports this or the other way around. This is something I find very important to my own well being and life as well. Spiritual…NOT religious. Sure, I have friends and family who consider themselves as part of an organized faith based church and that’s perfectly fine for them. If it works for them and life is good, they are kind and love others, treat humans and animals well, etc….delightful. Though I will say that it is not often I come across people where their religion does it all for them. In fact, all have a problem with some aspect of their religion and church, no matter what. There will always be SOMETHING a human will not agree with about their religious belief. They can say there isn’t but guaranteed there is, they just won’t say for fear of being criticized, shunned, cast out or even worse. So fear keeps them from speaking up, asking questions and voicing their opinion. This is where the religion or church has control over the “flock” and parishioners, keeping them in line with nobody upsetting the cart.


They have that bubble around them, that fear that the followers will maintain and not go beyond in order to keep from disappointing others, family, friends. This was how the Inquisition and other so called “holy actions” were able to spread fear into the world, many of them using such things to murder and slay those who opposed them and their viewpoints. In my own opinion, any faith or religion that forces a person to choose between their family and the organization, between their own heart,soul and conscience and being a member of said group…that is a group that wants to control and have their way. This is where I was at in my own case for so many years. Fortunately, I started to ask questions and didn’t receive adequate or clear answers, many of them also being flat out wrong. The part that made me the most disappointed was that I was admonished NOT to ask questions. Or, if I really had to, that only a select group of men could hear them and provide an answer. Again, a controlled environment. But, times have changed for many of us who were in such a predicament. The Internet has made the world available to all and questions can now be asked 24/7, 365. This has made things easier. It sure helped me and I’m so glad I stood up for myself, asked questions, got out and made a new life for myself. One that has been so much better than the previous. This was a turning point in my own life.

Never stop seeking answers to questions.


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