Session #9

OK, so the last few sessions have been dealing with various issues arising from my years as a Jehovah’s Witness. Some days are better than others and I don’t think about it at all. Then, like yesterday, some days are crowded with hours on end of realizing what I had been involved with and part of for so many years of my life. While catching up on my various media and social sites yesterday, what did I come across but yet another story in the news about that group and their problems with child abuse, pedophilia and cover ups within the organization. This time, the Royal Commission in Australia is investigating the JW’s with regard to decades of cover ups and knowledge of these events. So many children have been molested, raped, abused and shamed over the decades by men (and sometimes women) in higher positions in that religious group, with few being held accountable. It sickens me. Sure, all groups have bad apples. But this is supposed to be such a loving and caring religion, advertising how they take care of one another. Yet, do they really? No. 😦

JW scandal in Australia

Usually I don’t like to go on about other people and their past deeds when it involves my life, especially naming them. And the only name I use here is the organized religious group itself. But this needs to simply stop and their deeds investigated by the governments of the world. This has been happening for decades and happened while I was a member too. As a sexual abuse survivor myself  (not from a JW though ), I can relate to the hurt, anger and pain that one goes through when this happens.  While a ministerial servant at a congregation as a JW, I saw and knew of things happening within that angered me and were instrumental in my leaving this religion and never wanting to be part of organized religious groups ever again. I won’t go into specifics in this post, but it’s safe to say that I was very concerned for the children in that group and couldn’t leave well alone and be silent. So I wasn’t. And I have a clean conscience about it too. Never going back and I hope others in that organization do their research and see what’s really happening. Alas, questioning results in shunning and a dismissal from the fold. No, not all of it. Just the ones questioning the hierarchy and how they do things, the doctrine and control they have over the flock. Anything undermining them  is viewed as apostasy and not being “strong” with God. Talk about control! This makes it easy for those who prey on others, especially children and women, as easy pickings. They simply don’t report it except to the headquarters and not the police. Yep. Amazing,isn’t it. Totally illegal and immoral. I shall cease here about this and let anyone who wants more info about it to research online. There is plenty there, trust me. Or better yet, watch the Australian recordings from the last few days and hear them say it on the stand, under oath. Ugh. I’ve had enough of this and am going to meditate now and cleanse my mind.

One thought on “Session #9

  1. Feel the same way, James. I spent over 40 years in that cult, just left in 2012. BTW, I am in Portland!


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