Session #9

OK, so the last few sessions have been dealing with various issues arising from my years as a Jehovah’s Witness. Some days are better than others and I don’t think about it at all. Then, like yesterday, some days are crowded with hours on end of realizing what I had been involved with and part … More Session #9

Session #8

Guilt comes in many forms. Without getting into the specifics and many facets of each type and manner, how about we all agree that EVERYONE has it or has had it in the past. Agreed. I have had it and still do in many forms, though I’m MUCH better at dealing with it this year … More Session #8

Session #7

There are some days that simply sparkle with life, vividness and excitement. Then, there are others that simply put…suck. I’m fortunate to have a lot more of the former than the latter but when those bad days hit, it can be a struggle. And every human being has their ways of dealing with those negative and … More Session #7