Session #5

Dreams can be the most amazing thing! How wonderful if every night we could all have positive, fulfilling and wonderful dreams in which everything that happens makes us yearn for the next night and day!! Unfortunately , this is not the case. Since I was a young boy, my dreams have been something of a hit and miss event. Rarely do I remember many of them and if I do, those that come to mind are negative and involve falling or death in some way, especially that of my father.


There are plenty of people and books with thoughts about dreams and how they should be interpreted. Freud and Jung started it all and this has never let up, many publications printed daily about how our sub conscious and even conscious mind creates these worlds for us. After reading various historical and current articles about this, my resulting thoughts lead me to simply letting them be as they are, not to over analyze them or dig too deep. Those horrific dreams of falling or watching my family members perish are indeed a nasty thing to endure and wake up to. Fortunately, I don’t have to deal with them often. Over the last few years, my dreams have consisted of various subjects. Too bad there are few erotic dreams as these are ALWAYS welcome in this mind of mine!



As far as interpreting erotic dreams….one could never read all of the writings on this. Frued most certainly had a lot to say but most of it being on the edge and in the infancy of psychoanalysis.

No matter what one thinks dreams are about and why we have them, some are very nice and make the night go even faster as we race towards another day of life.  If they are indeed erotic, doesn’t it seem like so many involve others we should not be with or that someone might be watching us? That we are cheating? Yep. Ask any therapist and we ALL have those. Nope, still no reasons as to why but they do make for some interesting conclusions as well as visual images when out down in print.





And, since I have not been having the above delicious dreams, what has been taking that place? Over the last few years I have had more dreams about my father than anyone else. His death in March of 2008 left a huge void in my life and soul, thus making me constantly think of him and where he is now. In my previous life as a JW, I was taught that when we die and leave this existence, that nothing else happens. We simply perish and that is that, but, that we could be resurrected later on. Well, since my leaving that faith and researching things on my own (as opposed to simply following blindly) I really don’t think that’s the case. I feel that my father is still part of my life, and that his arrival and part in my dreams prove to me he is indeed still here. That he is watching me , taking part in my daily life and that when he is a subject of those visions and dreams, that he is telling me something.


The metaphysical part of my studies had been very minute over most of my life but this has changed a lot lately, especially since meeting Dena and observing her gifts within this realm. My eyes have opened to possibilities I’d never really considered and this has encouraged me to develop my senses and to see, feel and ascertain the power and energy of other objects around me. I owe her a debt of gratitude for giving me insight and teaching me so much. ❤  More about this later, but for the moment when father is in my dreams, they are always positive, joyful, happy and nothing like those when I was a younger man.

In fact, when he and I do interact in these dreams, when we talk and communicate, his knowledge of me and what has happened over the last seven years is intact. He knows all about what I have done, what I’ve experienced and the man I have become and not the one I was before.  He has even interacted with others in my life and THAT means a lot to me!

What does this mean? For every person I have told this to, a different answer or thought is made. All I know, is that I’m very happy he is in my dreams and participating in my life this way.  Someone can debate this point with me and say all they want about it and try to sway me to thinking it is simply my own imagination running with wild abandon and making up new stories with reflections from the past. They can think that all they want but I prefer to believe he is still in my soul, my heart and forever a part of me as long as I live on this planet. As I study more about energy, aura, the world beyond ours and those paranormal and metaphysical things, the more I learn about myself and what is possible. All I know is that I’m glad my father is with me as I live this life I have. 🙂


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