Session #4

Meeting of the minds? Is that what this is? More like a monkey mind, meaning mine is all over the place and jumping around. As of late, it has been a bit calmer than normal and I’ve been able to settle down a bit, to actually meditate on some things and retrieve my quieter side of life. Having time during my day to do this has proved essential to me and I value these hours of mine to get back into a routine of practice. What practices you ask? A few that keep my head from swirling with anxiety,nervousness and constant over analysis of virtually everything.


Meditation is surely one of them. No, that photo is not one of where I do this, although damn, I sure wish it were. But, I do love my own meditation spot in this cozy one bedroom apartment and it is my place to lose myself and just BE. Depending on the days events and my mood, I will sometimes add incense or music to my meditation times. More often than not, I play my shakuhachi flute as I meditate, especially on either RO, the lowest note on the flute, or possibly scales to sooth my mind.

Before 2008, I had never meditated in my life. In fact, my studies had rarely if ever included anything other than the Christianity I was involved in though I did delve a lot into Judaism, which held nothing for me either. As has been mentioned before in previous sessions, after leaving the organization I was previously in, Jehovah’s Witnesses, I started to really search for something that spoke to ME, that called to my mind, heart, soul and was based on kindness,love and respect. And Buddhism was always a philosophy and faith I’d wanted to explore. In 2008, I started to do just this and am still only scratching the surface of this delightful concept. Currently, I’m really more a mixture of thoughts and practices as i hone and detail my daily routine and thought pattern. Bits of Zen, Mahayana and other Tibetan Buddhist thoughts and practices are swirling in me and meditation is for sure the most essential and productive part. After so many years as a “Christian”, did it really only take a few years of this new thought process to make me change into a new person? Absolutely!


This quote is most certainly truth indeed. While change can be intimidating and stressful, I found that those two as well as many other negatives soon started to disappear from my life. In the previous existence, I had them daily, often. Now, I get up in the morning and am a different person. Gone is the anger, pessimism, negativity and stress along with wee small amounts of bigotry and humanistically unacceptable forms of thought. This change was to lead me to a much greater understanding of myself, fellow humans and those I love within that group. New friends, lovers, confidants, partners and souls were to enter my life and enrich me beyond measure. Currently, I have way more friends and family in these last few years than I ever had in the former person, following organized religion. I feel and have more love now than at any time in my life and THIS…this is what life is about to me. Love, life, happiness and being with those who feel the same. Life is good


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