A therapeutic new beginning

A new blog? Really? Sure, why the hell not! This is going to be a bit different, though. In fact, a LOT different. As the title says, this will be my therapist of sorts, giving me a place to lie down, sit up or whatever…and talk. Share. Divulge. A place I can go to for confessions, revelations and where I can be comfortable without paying someone $100 an hour to simply listen to me ramble on. Yes, they do more than that for sure, and I’m not belittling or mocking therapists. But damn….how can people afford them at those insane rates? So, as a poor and simple man leading a really exciting and happy life, I wanted somewhere that I can blabber on. Here it is. Yes, it’s public and a therapist is not. Whatever. I’m not modest (ask many people) nor do I have major issues with posting private information about myself as I have been out in the open and free for many years. Just read my profile. A “bisexual, polyamorus man from the Pacific Northwest”. And having spent decades in an ultra religious and narrow minded organized group of “Christians”, I dealt with a lot in that. It was part of what shaped me into who I am today. Some is good, a lot of it bad.

So, there you have it. The first post of a new blog where I will bare my soul, surprise many, come out a few more times and speak one on one ( many, actually) with my therapist of sorts. The posts will not be long most of the time nor like my other two blogs . And I will try my best to post more often , especially if they are shorter.  And now…. off I go to see the therapist!!


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