Session #6

When I attended an event this last weekend, something happened that brought back memories. This event was the World Naked Bike Ride and it is held in Portland annually. When I arrived, there was a small group of three men who were protesting the event and it’s taking place. These so called “Christians” were from a … More Session #6

Session #5

Dreams can be the most amazing thing! How wonderful if every night we could all have positive, fulfilling and wonderful dreams in which everything that happens makes us yearn for the next night and day!! Unfortunately , this is not the case. Since I was a young boy, my dreams have been something of a … More Session #5

Session #4

Meeting of the minds? Is that what this is? More like a monkey mind, meaning mine is all over the place and jumping around. As of late, it has been a bit calmer than normal and I’ve been able to settle down a bit, to actually meditate on some things and retrieve my quieter side … More Session #4

Session #3:

In 1985, after having moved from California to Montana and then Spokane,Washington, my senses and world were awakened to a new place: Portland ,Oregon. Last session I told you about the shift in lifestyles and open minded thought one experiences when changing locations like this. Not that Spokane and the previous places I’d lived were … More Session #3:

Session #2

Last session I ended with beating myself up. Every day I would examine my self worth, find it was not of great value, and then chastise my own soul for not being who I really wanted to be as well as whom I was afraid to become. It didn’t matter as I couldn’t move. Being … More Session #2

Session #1

Session #1- My first day This is going to be interesting indeed! Session number one at the therapists. And this Dr has no name nor a place other than right here. Without further ado….I’m ready. My name is James and I’m really looking forward to baring my soul and heart to the world. It is … More Session #1